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WWE Superstar Xia Li Emerges as ‘The Protector’ on Smackdown ‏‏

WWE Superstar Xia Li Emerges as ‘The Protector’ on Smackdown ‏‏

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Xia Li

WWE global superstar Xia Li emerges as ‘The Protector’ on smackdown

After weeks of vignettes touting the powerful story of SmackDown’s newest Superstar Xia Li, she finally debuted as ‘The Protector’. 

Xia Li hates vultures and will always rise to the occasion to face them, eviscerating all those who stand in her way. On December 10, Xia took a stand in her first match, stepping into the ring to help Naomi fight off Sonya Deville, Shayna Baszler and Natalya. 

While Naomi thought she was finally getting a fair one-one-one match against Deville, the WWE official sneakily introduced both Baszler and Natalya, leading to a a three-to-one match.

However, just when the odds were stacked against Noami, SmackDown’s newest Superstar Xia Li emerged as a trusted ally for Naomi and impressively defeated the trio with multiple kicks. 

The momentous match saw Xia unleash her wrath and prove herself as the dangerous ‘Protector’, defending Naomi against Deville’s dirty tricks. 

Stay tuned to the WWE Network to watch more of Xia Li ‘The Protector’ on SmackDown, weekly on Saturdays.