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Cam Holmes Open Up About His Future Music Career, Love Life, Goals, and Stories From Too Hot to Handle

Cam Holmes Open Up About His Future Music Career, Love Life, Goals, and Stories From Too Hot to Handle

Liam Samuel
Cam Holmes

Too Hot to Handle mega superstar Cam Holmes shares about his upcoming new music career, his relationship with Emily, tip for glamorous and fresh look, and goals for the future

Hello Cam, it’s great to have you here in Today Influencers, how are you feeling these days?
I’m good thank you. Very busy at the moment with a lot of different ventures but I can’t complain, life is good.

You instantly become a social influencer with over 1.7 million followers and that includes TV interviews, shows, and commercials. So tell us how an anonymous 24-year-old guy from Wales faces such power of exposure and fame?
I mean it took a while to get used to. I don’t tho m anyone can ever be trained or be able to predict how they will react when something like that happens so instantly. I made sure that I kept speaking to my family and friends as much as possible during the initial stages just to keep me grounded. I also made sure I did the things that I used to do on a daily basis. I was aware that my life was about to change overnight so I tried my best to keep doing the things that made me feel ‘normal’ so to say.

With whom did you stay in touch with from the program participants after it ends?
Obviously Emily (can’t get away from that one). And then a few of the other lads such as Nathan, Robert, Peter, and Marvin. We spoke a lot more when the show aired and during the build-up but inevitably we have all been so busy and all gone down different paths that we don’t speak as much but I always make sure I have a catch-up with the boys here and then.

Cam Holmes
Photo by – Alex Piper

What was more difficult to manage with your partner, a relationship in a filmed reality show or in real life without cameras and without exposure?
If I’m honest, I’d say that managing it in the real world is more difficult as there are so many more challenges that you face. As well as the fact that on a reality show, while there might be more drama, there isn’t any outside world drama. So no worrying about day-to-day things; you are essentially on holiday. When we got back home there were A LOT more things we could argue about (the dishwasher is our favourite). However, we’ve gone through so much together it’s all very manageable either way.

What is your tip for a glamorous and fresh look? Share with our readers
There is a lot of things that go into a fresh look. The first has to be the hair. I get my hair cut about once a week to make sure it’s always looking fresh. Also make sure that your outfit is on point, matching up colours, adding on layers or even just making sure your trainers go with the rest of your outfit. There’s then the accessories part. Jewellery (especially rings) is a must.

I won’t leave the house without all my rings and bracelets on; it just adds that extra bit of sauce. Then just make sure you’re staying on top of your self care. You know, Looking after the skin and teeth. That part is equally important to the rest but don’t bite off more than you can chew; start with a face mask…

You and Emily have turned from private individuals into a famous couple, you are constantly underexposure and criticism, do you tend to ignore or respond to criticism?
We have actually been extremely lucky. I think because all of our fans watched us grow together, they respond to us very positively. I’ve got my fans and she’s got hers but a lot of them meet in the middle so I can’t say we’ve received much criticism (yet..)

Cam Holmes
Photo by – Kyle Springate

Tell our readers something they do not know about you, other than that you define yourself as a nerd sometimes and also an avid fan of the Lord of the Rings.
So I think it’s probably common knowledge now as I have teased it a lot on my socials but I am actually transitioning into being a music artist. And what a lot of people don’t know is that it was always my plan to try and get onto a TV show in order to get the platform and the network to be able to promote my music. It has always been my childhood dream and I’m so grateful I am now doing it. I’m recording my EP at the moment so hoping to be releasing in the next few months. Stay tuned 😉

The show Too Hot to Handle became the most watched on Netflix when it hit the screens. Were you surprised by the great success of the show and the amount of admiration you received from all the participants?
I wasn’t surprised by the success of the show at all, the concept of it is actually very clever and has a bit more depth and substance to it than a lot of other reality shows. The funny thing is I’m not actually much of a fan of reality TV but too hot to handle stands above the rest (little bias I know). I also wasn’t too surprised with the amount of admiration both me and Emily received as I knew our story and journey was genuine. We both went in there and stayed true to ourselves and found each other and I know of subtly knew that people would really respond to that.

People think that being an influencer on social media is suitable for everyone, but in reality, it does not seem so easy. Do you feel that you are constantly under criticism for every move and judged on every step at every moment?
100%. I get slightly annoyed when people undermine influencers and give the typical comment of ‘oh it can’t be that hard’ or ‘it sounds so stressful…’. What a lot of people don’t know is that the job is pretty much 24/7.

There’s no switching off at 5 pm every day as you are constantly expected to upload content and interact with your fans etc. And I’m not saying it’s the most difficult job in the world by a long stretch but it definitely has a lot more pressure and stress to it than people think. Being accountable to as many people as I am can also be a very unusual thing, if I make the wrong comment or move then 1.7 million people see it (maybe more). So yeah it has its pros and cons.

Cam Holmes
Photo by – Ellis Dawg

You talk about future plans in your career, one of which is to enter the world of music. Do you write music and also compose?
So I write my music as well as sing. I’ve always written music I just never had the confidence to go forward and do anything with it. While I knew I always wanted to go into music, Too hot to handle really gave me the push to make something of it and go after what I want.

What does your typical day look like?
My typical day really does vary a lot. Some days I might be in the studio all day or some days I might be doing YouTube, insta or tiktok content. There’s also a lot of admin that goes into it which people don’t see as well as a lot of business meetings and calls. I usually try and wrap everything up by around 7/8pm so that me and Em can just chill and watch Netflix all evening. We often go to a lot of events in the evenings or out for meals with clients so we try and make the most of the downtime we have.

Where will we find you in 5 years? We’d love to hear some of your aspirations, dreams, and goals
I’m hoping that in 5 years’ time I will be a successful music artist; going on tour around the world and just producing good music that people love. I am also working on my own e-commerce business at the moment so I’d want that to be a success and for me to be fully immersed in the world of business. Oh and to be engaged to Emily and hopefully be thinking about having kids…