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Caroline Derpienski Shares About Her Career, New Beauty Brand, Goals, and Her Tip For a Glamorous and Fresh Look

Caroline Derpienski Shares About Her Career, New Beauty Brand, Goals, and Her Tip For a Glamorous and Fresh Look

Today Influencers Staff
Caroline Derpienski

American & Polish model and Influencer Caroline Derpienski is making a huge move in the beauty scene with a new brand and breaking boundaries with her career.

Hello Caroline Derpienski, it’s great to have you here in Today Influencers, how are you feeling these days?
Hi! Thank you for the invitation. I feel great, I work a lot in modeling and as an influencer. A few days ago, I launched my new beauty filters products, which is why I am also very busy.

Fortunately, the sales exceeded our expectations and we laugh in the company that I feel like the new Kylie Jenner! 😉

Can you tell us a little bit about how you got started as an influencer & model?
I’ve always been interested in fashion, and when I was a kid I wanted to become a fashion designer. I had a real sewing machine and I sketched very well.

When I was 13 I took part in a global modeling competition on the Model Management platform where I was 3 in the world (after Venezuelan and American), 1 in Poland, and 1 in Europe, then I set up an Instagram account where I regularly posted photos and videos. People love me.  This is how my empire was born.

When you are asked to tell about yourself you always emphasize your roots from Poland, Germany, and Russia, this is very important to you, right?
Yes, it’s so important for me. I am proud of my roots. People appreciate the history of my family, especially during the revolution in St. Petersburg where at the court of Tsar Nicholas I my family was a nobility.

I am the coat of arms of the Night Heron and I am entitled to the title of “Countess”. It’s so crazy, but I’m so grateful!

You have conquered the fashion world and performed at leading events across the United States, are there any other goals you would like to achieve in 2022?
I never plan anything. I achieved my greatest achievements spontaneously. In 2022, of course, I would like to continue to fulfill myself in modeling, but I want to focus more on development as a businesswoman.

I want to focus on building my brands and products, personal development, charity work, and studies in business and management.

Caroline Derpienski
Photographer: Chris Christofferson, Model,makeup,hair,stylist: Caroline Derpienski (ig: @karolinaderpienska) Place: Baia Beach Club Miami

Describe to us the moment you saw yourself appear on a billboard on the world-famous street, Time Square, how did it feel?
I felt that I was in the right place. It was not a big surprise for me. I know my worth, my hard work and I knew there must be some reward for my achievements in New York.

From the huge experience as an influencer on social media, what advice can you give to young people who want to be influential like you and turn it into a profession?
Honestly, the best advice is not to give up. Whatever you do, don’t give up, don’t listen to negative comments (especially from envious people), but be self-critical, not harsh on yourself.

People think that being an influencer on social media is suitable for everyone, but in reality, it does not seem so easy. Do you feel that you are constantly under criticism for every move and judged on every step at every moment?
No, I don’t feel any criticism from the followers. People know and feel that all my activities in social media are of the highest level, professional and inspiring.

When I look at my account statistics, I don’t even wonder what the space would be where all my fans would be placed. Even in the biggest stadium, there would be no room for them (laughing)

What is your tip for a glamorous and fresh look? Share with our readers
Thank you for this question, I can boast that I am a certified makeup artist with three completed makeup schools and many courses;)

Fresh look is my favorite type of makeup. To create it, I recommend: fluffy eyebrows with a gel, a well-covering foundation (now I have definitely surprised you) to make the skin perfect, illuminating powder, a lot of highlighter, coral blush for cheekbones, beautiful eyelashes, and lip gloss.

Caroline Derpienski
Photographer: Chris Christofferson (he manages my ig)
Model: Caroline Derpienski (ig: @karolinaderpienska)Stylist: Miami Fashion Stylist (ig: @styledbyhassni)
Place: Seaduction Luxury Yacht (ig: @seaductionmiami)
Hair&Makeup: Caroline Derpienski (ig @derpienskastudio)

What does your typical day look like?
I don’t have a typical day. Every day is different and I am not typical (laughing )

Here I will surprise you again, but I use little social media. I lead my life like the rest of the people I clean, cook, go for a walk with my dog, watch TV with my boyfriend. But there are days when I run around New York from casting to work all the time, or I fly from Fashion Week to the next one. That’s why I’m crazy. Sometimes I’m a housewife sometimes a top model full time.

Tell our readers something they do not know about you
I am a natural brunette, I don’t like when someone calls me by my name, although I love my name.

Where will we find you in 5 years? We’d love to hear some of the aspirations, dreams, and goals that you have.
I always answer this type of question directly – I don’t think about it. I only know that in 5 years the Vogue cover will not be a huge achievement for me. Maybe I will focus fully on growing my businesses and becoming a billionaire. Let’s do it!