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Sydney Morgan Talks About Her New Acting Projects, Tips, and 2022 Goals

Sydney Morgan Talks About Her New Acting Projects, Tips, and 2022 Goals

Liam Samuel
Sydney Morgan

With more than 7 million followers in her TikTok profile, Sydney Morgan talks about her makeup tutorials, tips for glamorous and fresh looks, and her upcoming acting projects

Hello Sydney, it’s great to have you here in Today Influencers, how are you feeling these days?
I’m doing well! Crazy busy, but that’s how I like it.

Your makeup process in some of the videos looks complex and exhausting, how do you prepare from the concept stage to the end result?
I start by doing sketches in my notebook of ideas I have for looks and make a couple drafts until it looks cohesive. Next, I write down a few different audios that I think would pair nicely with the look. And then I gather any props that are necessary or costume pieces. And finally, I sit down in the studio and bring the sketch to life on my face and take video clips along the way.

It is said that the shoemaker goes barefoot, are you one of those who invest in makeup on a daily basis, or do you prefer the natural look without makeup?
I prefer wearing little to no makeup in my daily life! It’s just quicker and easier and lets me give my skin a break. Since makeup artistry is the bulk of my career, it’s almost the last thing I want to be doing in my time outside of making content.

Sydney Morgan
Photo by – Lindsey Ruth

Your style is very unique and different from others, from whom did you take inspiration, and with whom would you like to collaborate in the future?
I think I developed my makeup artistry based on my style I already had going when I had been drawing, painting, and taking art classes.

It took many years of trial and error to figure out what I liked and what came most natural to me and that’s kind of what I stick to now. I like to keep majority of my work original and usually don’t recreate many looks from other artists. As far as my content style goes I was inspired by Abby Roberts on Tiktok and James Charles on YouTube. I would love to collaborate with them in the future.

What is your tip for a glamorous and fresh look? Share with our readers
A big mistake I see people making when trying to achieve a glamorous fresh look is over powdering. To keep the skin looking fresh and dewy I only powder to prevent creasing, for example my under eyes and smile lines. I leave the rest of the skin without powder, so you still have that natural glow. I’ve also learned that cream products instead of pressed powders keep the skin looking fresh. So I’ve switched to cream blushes, contour sticks and highlighters.

Usually professional make-up artists tend at some point in their career to develop their own make-up and cosmetics products according to their personal taste, is this something that could happen in the future for you?
This is definitely something I plan on. I have lots of ideas for cosmetics and also fun beauty gadgets as well. So definitely keep an eye out for some products coming from me.

Sydney Morgan
Photo by – Lindsey Ruth

You want to raise awareness of Crohn’s disease, a lot of people have not heard of this disease that changed your life. Tell us a little about the disease and how much it affected you?
Ulcerative colitis is a chronic, inflammatory bowel disease that causes inflammation and ulcers in the digestive tract. The symptoms can be very isolating. Fatigue and brain fog were some of the most frustrating for me to deal with along with severe abdominal cramping and frequent trips to the bathroom. I tried to be “normal” the best I could, but behind the scenes I was burning through most of the colitis treatments that I would get my hopes up for, and then have them not resolve my symptoms.

I didn’t really get to go to school so I was doing most of that from home. My doctors were great working with me for temporary relief if there were important events I really wanted to go to like school dances etc. While I was sick I was bedridden most of the time so watching makeup tutorials and beauty gurus online was something I did a lot that helped distract me and keep me entertained. Art and makeup were also an activity that I could do by myself from home that kind of acted as my therapy and my creative outlet during this hard time.

These days we know you’re working on a variety of different roles in acting, tell us a little about your next projects.
A few months ago I filmed my first SAG horror film and I am filming three more feature films in the horror genre this upcoming year. One of which is featuring Ed Westwick (aka Chuck Bass) which I am really excited for. I can’t reveal any more details but stay tuned 🙂 I am excited to continue to work hard and expand my acting career outside of the horror genre.

How do you manage your time between work and life? Tell me more about the struggles you’ve faced and are facing and how you are overcoming them.
The personal life/ work life balance is pretty hard to manage and have both at the same time, especially since moving to LA. I find that waking up early, planning my content ahead of time and scheduling work hours during the day leaves time in the evenings for me to relax and hang out with friends, but that doesn’t always happen. Things come up and plans change, and sometimes I get frustrated when I’m not on top of all aspects of my life.

Also, being that social media is my career and during work hours I’m making content and interacting with followers, by the end of the day my social battery is really drained. So almost the last thing I want to do is go to a social gathering, but I’m still working on finding that perfect balance.

Sydney Morgan
Photo by – Lindsey Ruth

People think that being an influencer on social media is suitable for everyone, but in reality, it does not seem so easy. Do you feel that you are constantly under criticism for every move and judged on every step at every moment?
It definitely takes a very motivated person with a strong work ethic to be able to sustain a social media career without burning out especially. The thing with social media is that it never turns off, there are no weekends or business hours. It’s something that you constantly need to stay on top of to maintain relevancy. It’s very overwhelming at times.

Also behind the scenes I am planning concepts and ideas, finding the perfect lighting set up for my studio, setting up my camera on the settings that look best, using editing software for my videos, and buying props, costumes and backdrops to name a few. It’s nice to know I’m in full control of what I’m putting out but there almost aren’t enough hours in the day to do it all. I’m definitely more aware of everything I do than your average person in fear of criticism. Cancel culture is so prevalent in the media today so being judged by the public eye is always in the back of my mind.

Can you tell us a little bit about how you got started as an influencer & YouTuber?
I’ve been drawing and painting my whole life and started volunteering in my community to do face painting on kids at events and realized I liked doing creative face paint and kind of transitioned that onto doing myself. I also grew up as a competitive cheerleader where I had to wear glam makeup so I always found that very fun and started experimenting. I started posting my makeup looks on instagram shortly after I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. And then discovered tiktok 2 years later and quickly started having success on there and was really enjoying it. YouTube was always the goal for me though. So I started to transition my followers to that platform as well with the introduction of YouTube shorts to help push out my content.

Where will we find you in 5 years? We’d love to hear some of your aspirations, dreams, and goals
In 5 years, I would love to have starred in at least two movies or tv shows! My acting career is something I am really passionate about. I also aspire to drop my own makeup line with Morphe or Nyx. I also am eager to continue to support children with Cohn’s Disease or other chronic illnesses by teaching them makeup or interacting with them in other ways.