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G-Star RAW Releases a New Amazing Exclusive Collection

G-Star RAW Releases a New Amazing Exclusive Collection

Agam Sam
G-Star RAW

G-Star RAW new exclusive collection, incorporating Japanese workwear into denim forms and drawing inspiration from world events such as the Dakar Rally.

Exclusives by G-Star RAW encapsulates the limitless creativity of the brand. This season, elaborate designs are showcased within the collection themes, expressed without restraint whilst employing the G-Star DNA in its purest, most extrovert form. Alongside this, the collection consists of sophisticated experiments in denim.

G-Star has expanded its “Exclusives by G-Star RAW” collection into a range of new, high-end specials. This season, the extreme designs take inspiration from the Dakar Rally. With features mimicking those of the hard-wearing “Enduro” equipment, developed solely for the demanding racing environment.

This functional design language is used to create a costume of structured fits, excess pockets, and distinct zip detailing. The bold and complex garments each include surprising elements such as reversible features and unusual silhouettes, coinciding with an ease of wearability. The desert-inspired colour palette includes soft pastels, with lighter hues of green and pink, ready for the Spring season.

High Fashion Trench Coat wmn

Stylish and timeless, this women’s trench coat is a must-have for Spring. With a classic, high fashion look, and feel, these volumous sleeves are inspired by 1930’s Haute Couture constructions.

G-Star RAW

E 72H lifesuit mn

This jumpsuit takes inspiration from vintage life vests from the G- Star RAW archive. It was created with enough pockets to store 72 hours worth of trip necessities and features a large 3D pocket around the neck.

G-Star RAW

In addition to this, the RAW research capsule emphasizes the true G-Star RAW DNA. The design team experimented with denim-focused garments to create elevated and refined styles with a considered, conceptual twist. This season’s inspiration is taken from Japanese workwear which originates from the Japanese military uniform.

Aspects taken from these uncompromising and unique garments include a wider leg with an abruptly narrower fit at the calf. Silhouettes have been reinvented using superlative denim, taking everyday workwear and transforming it into inspirational, yet wearable garments for now.

Whether it’s the volumous trench coat or the technical, constructed jumpsuit, each item within the collection has its own narrative. Superior construction techniques, premium fabrics, and hybrid design features aim to encapsulate the story behind each piece. Every detail is a thoughtful combination between functionality and aesthetics. Japanese denim, embroidered artwork, and contrasting colours add personality to each of the unique garments. Designed to exceed standards, the ‘Exclusives by G-Star RAW’ collection brings reinvention and innovation to every stitch, seam, and rivet, creating timeless icons for both men and women.