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PMD Beauty, The Brand For The Whole Family‏‏

PMD Beauty, The Brand For The Whole Family‏‏

Agam Sam

PMD Beauty to best suit your skin needs and help make the right choices for your skin and age.

Ever wanted a brand that could cater for the whole family’s skin needs? From your teenage daughter with acne-prone skin, to your husband who is a fitness bunny, or mom with sensitive skin, PMD Beauty’s smart devices are inclusive for all to use. 

Here is a short guide of the PMD product to best suit your skin needs and help make the right choices for your skin and age.

The PMD Clean is an entry-level easy-to-use device that is great for all people with normal skin types.

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For a more mature age group; thirty-forty with dry/ normal skin, the PMD Clean Pro is perfect. This product was created for skin that needs more product absorption and as a result, this smart technology helps absorb serums and moisturises into the skin up to 20x more due to its ActiveWarmth technology.

This PMD Pro does not only make use of SonicGlow and ActiveWarmth technologies, but it also has a Rose Quartz stone which reduces tension and inflammation. This device is ideal for overreactive skin and is for all ages.

The PMD Clean Pro with the Obsidian stone was created for mid thirties and above. The stone reduces the puffiness that occurs as the skin ages. This device also makes used of the SonicGlow and ActiveWarmth technologies.

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The CleanPro, CleanPro Rose Quartz and CleanPro Obsidian can be used with or without the ActiveWarmth functions, it all depends on the product you use along with the devices as well as wat is better for your skin.

The Microderm is an exfoliating tool that can be used by anyone beyond the age of 20 years old. The technology removes dead dull skin build up by gently exfoliating the skin, leaving it looking rejuvenated and fresh. It has multiple disc ranges for your preference.

PMD Beauty is an inclusive brand, specifically designed for the entire family. A brand with products that bring the spa into the comfort of your own home.