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bshp Kicks Off 2022 With a New Hot Single “STFU”

bshp Kicks Off 2022 With a New Hot Single “STFU”

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UK singer-songwriter rising star bshp reveals a brand new magnificent single “STFU

The new single ‘STFU’ is a heart-on-sleeve ballad that sees bshp take a stand against her ex-partners’ inefficiencies. Shot in her own apartment, the accompanying official video centres around a piece-to-camera that accentuates the personal nature of the lyrics.

bshp shares, “‘STFU’ was written when I was obviously pissed off with someone,” bshp explains. “I’ve had my fair share of bad relationships, and I think being in controlling, dictatorial situations is something a lot of people have experienced. But I remember being in the studio with people I trusted and we wanted to create a light hearted spin on being in that type of relationship and how to take your power back. There was a-lot of emotional sentiment to that song, despite it sounding  sassy and like I didn’t care.”

bshp - STFU
bshp – STFU

The new single “STFU” follows on from her most recent singles ‘Every Song’ and ‘Solid Gold’, collaborations with Duvall and Disciples respectively, that have racked up over 10 million combined Spotify streams.

The British artist has LA hip-hop and Atlanta R&B running through her veins, with debut single ‘Kissing You’ racking up over 3 million Spotify streams.