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CC Clarke reveals her brand new stunning single “Back To You“

CC Clarke reveals her brand new stunning single “Back To You“

Agam Sam
CC Clarke

Global beauty influencer and rising singer CC Clarke is back with her brand new fantastic single “Back To You

Collectively CC has reached more than 2 million streams over her last 3 releases with placement on some of top playlists on Spotify and Apple Music. 

CC Clarke says about “Back To You”, “The original inspiration came to me when traveling a lot for music and work and although I missed my husband I always looked forward to coming back to him and it ignited the idea that no matter what this lifetime or next if you are meant to be and truly soul mates you will find each other again. Then 2020 happened and it hit SO different because suddenly I listened to this song and it had a totally new meaning of getting back to everyone and everything that we miss and cannot wait to experience again whether that’s life or love.”

This new personal milestone was something that influenced CC’s music specifically with the message of her previous single “Boys Do Cry.” Now CC is following up another song about another important person in her life, her husband, with new single “Back To You,” but with the events of the last year “Back To You” has a new meaning for anyone hoping to get back to their friends and family following Covid-19. 

CC Clarke – Back To You
CC Clarke – Back To You

At first, her parents would find her hand-written lyrics, and were convinced that she was copying poems. And while she was eventually supported by friends and family on the journey to where she is today, songwriting was something that remained something of a side hustle, until she appeared on a Maybelline advert as part of their Color Sensational campaign.

CC isn’t an easy name you could have missed these past few years: she’s a highly influential fashion, lifestyle, and Instagram sensation. With popular influencers like KSI making the transition from gaming to music, there is no better time for Clarke to bring her 2 million followers into her music world. Stay tuned to CC’s socials (below) for more information on what CC Clarke has planned for 2021 in her music career.

She gave them the sultry pop song “Solo,” which was influenced by one of CC’s idols Rihanna. While some may say “you never want to meet your hero’s,” that cannot be said for CC as she had an amazing experience when she was handpicked to spend the day with Rhianna while the platinum-selling artists was in London. “We drank tequila and sang The Spice Girls together,” CC grins. “It was insane, so crazy. And afterward, it made me realize, ‘I’ve got to follow in her footsteps!”