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Chris Brickley Going For a New Workout Anthem – Interview

Chris Brickley Going For a New Workout Anthem – Interview

Chris Brickley

Chris Brickley is considered the most wanted fitness coach in the NBA. He turned the profession of fitness trainer into something else, something that is always at the forefront. His training attracts great talents, music stars, and of course the best players in the league. Undoubtedly he is considered an influencer on social networks, he shares his training moments with his million followers, but also shares his taste in fashion and of course in music.

These days he is launching a new album with a collection of songs that includes the best artists in the music industry. Chris Brickley believes that this album should be played in every sports workout and every gym, which will make trainees invest more, and be better on the field. There is no doubt Chris Brickley is more than a coach.

Everyone who has worked with you has said that you are different from other coaches, you have the ability to hear and recognize the difficulties of each player. How important is the personal connection with the players to you?
Personal connection is everything with the players. If we don’t have a genuine relationship, then we don’t have much trust. If we don’t have much trust, it’s hard for me to coach them. So relationships are everything.

Proving yourself as a successful coach, you are approached by more and more players who want to work with you and at some point, you make an important decision, to go and try on your own in an independent way to coach players. Share these moments with us.
I coached in the NBA for 4 seasons. I was making great relationships around the league and I took the chance by leaving the Knicks to start my own business. It was a risky move, but I started BlackOps Basketball and it has been very successful. My advice to anyone chasing their dreams is to not be afraid to fail.

Tell us about the new album that is expected to be released in the near future, what is going to be special about it, and where did you get your inspiration from
So before every workout, I ask the player what album he wants to hear. Music is a big part of the workouts. So when we were in lock-down during the pandemic, I decided I wanted to make an album that people could work out too. I had a lot of great relationships in the music industry so I gave it a shot. The album is going to be great. It should be released very very soon! It’s going to be a surprise release. I have some of the biggest artists in the world on the album, I think I’m going to shock a lot of people. Aboogie, Russ, Lil Durk, Dave East, Quavo, Fabolous, Jadakiss, Enisa, Lil Baby just to name a few!

Chris Brickley
Photo by – Ermenegildo Zegna

How a former college assistant coach becomes a star coach from the best league in the NBA world. When did you get to the point where you decided you wanted to coach and build talented players and make them the best in the league?
Working with Carmelo Anthony changed my life. He taught me stuff about the game that I use with many players. He was my inspiration in starting my own business.

Hard work, dedication, perseverance, and lots of learning are a measure of success, is it something you teach the players to bring out the best in themselves?
Yes, those are all huge aspects of success. For me, my most important thing is to hold the players accountable. I want them to work hard and smart every time they are on the court with me.

You are linked to so many famous artists and creators. Is there anyone specific who influenced the production of the album?
Yes, Lil Durk & Aboogie influenced me to do the album. Jcole actually influenced me to release the album in a specific way. I have used different words of wisdom from many of my artist friends on how to put together the project. It’s going to be a classic. BlackOps Presents “Welcome to the Grind” curated by me will be on all streaming platforms across the world very soon!!

Do you think the album will give more motivation to people to go out and train more vigorously?
Yes, the album will motivate people to push harder in their workouts. The music will be upbeat type music to make the workout more intense.

How did your connections in the music world contribute to the production of the new album?
My connections played a huge role, I’ve been on tour with Travis Scott, been in the studio with Chris Brown, Meek Mill, etc. I have a deep connection with a lot of big artists and that helped me make the album.

You lead a lifestyle laden with activities ranging from training, music, and operating social networks. When do you find the time to engage in all your favorite things?
So first and foremost is basketball. I study film and do workouts every day. At night time I work on my clothing like ‘Color Blind’ and also the album.

Chris Brickley
Photo by – Moving Pictures

There is no doubt that the tattoos on your body are eye-catching. Do they tell personal stories? And what is your favorite tattoo?
My favorite tattoo is a portrait of my Dad. It was his face on the day he retired. He taught me what it was to work hard and I take on his work ethic with my career. The day I saw him retire was an amazing moment for me.

You have reached many goals relative to your young age, are you the type who sets goals for himself, or do you just do what you love?
I set goals for the players I train. I never set goals for myself. My job is to help people become the best version of themselves on the court and off the court.