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Danny Ocean Teams Up With TINI On a New Powerful Single “Tú No Me Conoces”

Danny Ocean Teams Up With TINI On a New Powerful Single “Tú No Me Conoces”

Agam Sam
Danny Ocean x TINI

Venezuelan global star Danny Ocean is back with a new stunning single “Tú No Me Conoces” with pop star TINI

The new single “Tú No Me Conoces” comes to us with the style that has characterized Danny and his music. “Tú No Me Conoces” comes with a powerful message that invites us to be real enough within the unreal and idyllic love, a generous, exclusive, and deep love, but above all an expression of love full of freedom.

The song was born in Mexico and the lyrics were composed by Danny Ocean, maintaining his peculiar storytelling style, and showing musical versatility when producing sounds that bring his musical ideas to life.

Danny Ocean says, When I wrote” Tú No Me Conoces “I knew it was a song fit to collaborate with Tini and I was not wrong because her contribution not only exceeds my expectations, but also reinforces my admiration for her style and talent.

Tini, has become a Latin pop phenomenon, and with her characteristic style she gave the song a romantic, sweet touch, but above all flirtatious and playful sense that not only seduces us, but also invites us to dance.

Featured along with the release, the video clip was recorded in Argentina under the direction of Diego Peskins and promises to transport us to a flirty, transparent, and colorful declaration of love.