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Deorro Goes For a New Dancefloor Anthem “Adios” With Andrez Babii

Deorro Goes For a New Dancefloor Anthem “Adios” With Andrez Babii

Deorro and Andrez Babii

EDM music global star Deorro links up with Andrez Babii on a brand new club anthem “Adios

The new single from Deorro “Adios”, comes with an explosive and energizing vibe that captures the essence of a classic house record, bringing madness to the dance floor. Deorro once again demonstrates his signature boundary-pushing production style and gives his global fan base something that is truly unique, innovative, and memorable. Ringing true to his Latin roots, Deorro created a bouncy fusion of electronic sounds with classic Latin sounds that flawlessly define what a true anthem should sound like.

Deorro says, “This one is for all those people that are getting over someone and moving on to better things. Andrez nailed this on the first try! His lyricism was on display for this one when he came to the session on the first day and we knocked this out. The production style behind this track is intended to uplift that person who is moving on from their ex.”

To give the track the perfect flair, Deorro teamed up with platinum-winning singer-songwriter and producer, Andrez Babii, who effortlessly blurs the lines between reggaeton, hip-hop, and pop. Babii’s lyrical heat and effortless flow resonates with the energy levels within the beats. “Adios” is an infectiously catchy song that listeners can relate with as the hook chants, “No quiero verte mas, que te vaya bien (I don’t want to see you anymore, wish you all the best)”, bidding a farewell to anyone that has done wrong to you.

Deorro - Adios (with Andrez Babii)
Deorro – Adios (with Andrez Babii)

Andrez Babii says, Working with Deorro was absolutely great! He is such a humble guy, and our chemistry in the studio was 10/10. He played me some beats he had produced, and honestly, this guy has hits just laying around on his laptop. Much love to him and his team!” Andrez commented, “Making Adios was one of the most genuine records I’ve made in a long time; Probably next to Pase Lo Que Pase with Jay Wheeler because the process was similar… The second I heard the Adios beat, I knew that was it! This record is nostalgic and new at the same time — something only Deorro could really do, and of course, the pressure was on. I had to match the level of sauce vocally and go crazy in that booth! We had a great time in the studio.”

The multi-platinum selling producer and EDM DJ released “Rumba” which saw him joining forces with Latin music vocalist and writer Jeon, for a track that merges the best and most cutting-edge EDM/dance rhythms with the iconic sounds of Cumbia. Before “Rumba,” Deorro joined forces once again with award-winning merengue artist Elvis Crespo and IAmChino for their hit track “Napoleona.”

With the releases of “Adios”, the track has already become a club-favorite, even at the only live performance of the track, where Babii joined Deorro on stage at Story Nightclub in Miami. Deorro is currently working on putting the finishing touches to his highly anticipated Latin-focused album, “ORRO” expected for release in the upcoming months.