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Dillon Antony Unleash a New Dreamy Official Video For “Not About You”

Dillon Antony Unleash a New Dreamy Official Video For “Not About You”

Today Influencers Staff
Dillon Antony

Dillon Antony delivers a brand new stunning official music video for his single “Not About You

Not About You” talks about how life should not be pleasing someone else. It talks about Dillon’s life in Canada and how he constantly had to balance being Canadian while holding on to his Indian roots while growing up. 

Dillon wrote this song about how he is ready to shed the expectations and accept the authenticity instead. “I wrote this one as a coping mechanism to jot down all my feelings and I feel liberated every time to look at the lyrics and sing them,” he adds. With lyrics that most Immigrant Indians can relate to, Dillon hopes this song resonates with those finding their balance between being themselves and adjusting to the norm. He encourages them to live their life in the way they want. In the way they choose.

Dillon shares about the single, “I’ve been told too many times that I’m too different, too western, too “white,” I dress weird, act weird, or the things I do, don’t fit the needs of society,” says Dillon

Over the last years, the rising star has released some non-stop hits like “All I Need Is You“, “All In My Head“, “You’re The One” and many more…

The track is now available on SpotifyApple Music, and YouTube.