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Dylan Fuentes Unveils a New Fantastic Single “Marpesia”

Dylan Fuentes Unveils a New Fantastic Single “Marpesia”

Today Influencers Staff
Dylan Fuentes

The new single “Marpesia” is the first single off of his first full-length production slated for release in the first quarter of 2022. 

This new single comes in a very romantic way for Dylan, after those dark times he lived for several months he finally found happiness in his life with true love, which led him to write this song and dedicate it to Valeria, by which way he asked her to be his girlfriend.

Marpesia” is a very emotional and personal song for Dylan, as it is a love letter to his girlfriend Valeria Sandoval, the renowned Colombian dancer. The song is the perfect follow up to “DF“, his most personal and touching song, where Dylan opened up to his audience about his own battles with anxiety and depression.

Dylan Fuentes shares, “Marpesia’ has calmed me and helped me with several feelings about life, it helped me to show my girlfriend the great love I feel for myself, for her and for the love that surrounds us, also to calm the fear that I have and that many of us have about death and that unknown subject. Last year three of my grandparents passed away and one of them was my grandfather Luis who was a vital motor for my mother and I. Since his death he has taught us so much and he proved to us that after death he is present because the energy of his love remained with us, it remained in a butterfly.,”

The video shows more personal and intimate scenes of the two living their love story and at the same time, their parallel lives as recognized public figures in their country; it was filmed in their native Colombia and directed by Nicolas Santaluna.

Currently, Dylan continues to work on new music and his first studio album slated for release in 2022 under NEON16/ Interscope Records that will continue to catapult him into the major leagues of the genre and establish his status as a true global artist, setting him apart from those currently in the music scene.