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New Standard: ENISA Spikes Pop With Raw Soul and Endless Attitude.

New Standard: ENISA Spikes Pop With Raw Soul and Endless Attitude.


With millions of streams under her latest releases, The New York-born Albanian singer and songwriter ENISA is taking over the pop music scene in 2021.

Congrats on your latest single release “Tears Hit The Ground.” Can you talk to us about the inspiration behind the song and video?
Thank you! Yes, so I wrote this song 5 years ago! I was waiting for the perfect time to release it. The song is really special to me, I wrote it when I was at a low point in my life and I felt everyone that I was relying on to have my back, just all turned against me. I felt betrayed. I remember writing the melody and line “Tears hit the ground” in my grandma’s room overseas in 2016 when my tears literally were hitting the ground. That’s how I came up with the line which ended up being the title.

As for the music video I was going through different directors treatments and none of them felt right to me. This song has such a personal meaning for me that the video had to do the same. I was sitting at home reading treatments and my mom was there with me. She saw me let down by the treatments and said, “I have an idea” and I was like “Really? What is it? she said why don’t you make the video about your story, your journey in the music, the ups and downs.

I was like “MOM YOU’RE A GENIUS.” Then I wrote the treatment and took on the challenge of directing it myself. I had a great team who helped me bring the vision to life! I wanted the music video to show me at all stages in my career – from struggling in the beginning and all the way to when I started to achieve success and signed my record deal. I also wanted to show where I see myself in the future – performing on a big stage whether it’s my own show or the Grammys. I wanted people to be inspired and see that everyone starts somewhere, with hard work and persistence, no dream is too big!

What inspired your single ‘Count My Blessings’ and what message do you hope that fans take from this song?
I was in the studio in LA and I wasn’t really feeling any of the songs that day. I was being a Debbie Downer, but then for some reason in this session I had this feeling of gratitude hit me and I was like “Man, I’m really blessed. My job right now is to make music. I’m living my dream and I’m alive and healthy.” I said to my guys in the studio, let’s make a song about being grateful for blessings. I’m like, no one makes songs about that these days, let’s do it! I helped my producer get started on the beat and the rest was history!

We see you just collaborated with Davido on “Love Cycle (Remix).” Who are some other artists you would like to collaborate with?
I’d love to collaborate with artists from everywhere, Bad Bunny, Eminem, Coldplay, The Weeknd, Drake, Post Malone,  Adele (my dream collab haha), Sia, Burna Boy, Jay-Z, Justin Timberlake, Khalid, Calvin Harris, David Guetta, A$AP Rocky, Rihanna, Rosalia & hell of a lot more! I love collaborating! 

Photo by – Jimmy Fontaine

Has COVID changed you as a musician or how you approach your creative process? Have you learned anything new about yourself during quarantine?
Yes, because of COVID I had to learn how to record myself and do my own vocals. I had to learn how to use Ableton, which is a music program. I bought a whole at-home studio setup. My first session through zoom where I used the system and recorded the vocals myself was actually for “Dumb Boy”! So that was a big blessing in disguise for me. Not only that but I had to download and learn video editing software because I directed, edited and color corrected the music videos and acoustic videos. I even styled myself, did my hair and makeup for all my music videos I released during quarantine. I didn’t want to have quarantine stop me from being a true artist so I found a way and figured it out! It’s been a great year for me because I really worked hard and changed my life for the better by being consistent.

Where will we find you in 10 years? We’d love to hear some of your aspirations, dreams, and goals that you have.
Hopefully, I’ll have toured the world a few times by then, I’d have bought my parents their dream house, have a Grammy or two, had a few songs hit the Billboard Hot 100, worked with some of my favorite artists, and would still be making music and performing it live because it’s my true passion in life! Oh and hopefully happily married with a kid or 2 haha 

From a young age you developed musically by listening to hip-hop artists and Albanian music influenced by your parents, but you also mention Amy Winehouse as a great source of inspiration. How do you draw from your inspirations while writing and producing music?
 I just grew up listening to all different kinds of music, so when I’m at a studio session I know different elements from different instruments and genres that I want to incorporate! I’m Albanian so those traditional Albanian rhythms and different instrumentation are always a great source of inspiration for me. Being born and raised in Brooklyn, Hip-Hop always has a special place in my heart. I grew up listening to JAY-Z on Hot 97, so that really helped me learn to tell stories through my music with dope flows. Then later on in high school I discovered classic artists like Nina Simone and Amy Winehouse who are some of my all time favorites! They showed me that I didn’t have to have a clean and high pop style voice, they showed me it was a ok to sing at a low register and have soul in my voice and songs, they made me feel like I could really sing in my authentic voice without the gimmicks or tricks. Just a natural, real and raw voice!

Without a doubt you are very creative, how involved are you in the whole process of creating the music videos and production of your songs?
I’m really involved in all my visuals. I co-directed “Tears Hit the Ground,” wrote the treatment, sat with the editors and helped arrange the video. I also styled myself and even did my own hair and makeup for a bunch of the scenes. I was also heavily involved for “Love Cycle” , “Dumb Boy”, “Count My Blessings” & all of their acoustic videos!  I’m a hustler if I do say so myself, I wait on no one! 

Photo by – Jimmy Fontaine

What excites you most about being a singer and performing around the world?
Just the fact that I’m living my dream. I don’t have a miserable 9-5 where I’m just unhappy. For me music was never about the money. I used to intern for 7 dollars an hour from 2016-2018, I saved every penny and invested it in recording and paying my college tuition.

I took classes almost 7 days a week just to finish as early as I could and focus on my music. I was doing everything I could for my music career with no real team helping me, I was a one man show with the support of my family. My parents always made sure I was good and have supported me since the beginning.  I couldn’t have done it without them really!

Can you share any upcoming plans with us?
I will be dropping an EP this year but before that, you will be getting some new songs and visuals. I’m super excited for this project to come out because some songs I’ve had for years and some are new. They’ll all have the soul-pop vibe which I really love. The songs are real, raw, and classic!