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Erika Tham Links Up With Brian Kennedy On a New Video For “Admit It”

Erika Tham Links Up With Brian Kennedy On a New Video For “Admit It”

Today Influencers Staff
Erika Tham

Erika Tham and Brian Kennedy join forces on a new official live performance “Admit It

The track debuted with incredible support from tastemakers such as Azeema, HollywoodLife, Raydar, Viper, Wonderland, among others. The brand new live acoustic rework featuring GRAMMY-winning record producer Brian Kennedy (Rihanna, Jennifer Hudson, Kelly Clarkson) brings a whole new vibe and energy to the track. Erika’s superb gut-wrenching songwriting ability, plus her spellbinding vocals, shine atop the piano rendition.

She says:  “Lyrically ‘Admit It’ is a really powerful record with a deeply vulnerable and honest message, so stripping away its production allows that part of the song to really shine. The piano version turns it into something else entirely and frames it in a totally different light. 

This personal and intimate performance takes influence from the artwork and the white Ferrari Testarossa featured in it. Erika elaborates, “It’s almost like a live re-enactment of the story. The entire record I felt related so much to cars… to me it sounds like what speeding down a dark road alone feels like, so I’m really glad we got to honor that with the visuals.”

She adds: “I taught myself to play and that’s how every song I wrote would start,” she explains, “Nowadays I work a lot more with producers. Brian is not only out of this world talented and the most technically skilled musician I’ve ever met, but he’s also the big bro!  Being accompanied by him is such an honor and we had so much fun on set.