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Gabi DeMartino Returns With a New Incredible Single “Immaculate”

Gabi DeMartino Returns With a New Incredible Single “Immaculate”

Today Influencers Staff
Gabi DeMartino

Global star Gabi DeMartino releases her brand new single “Immaculate” featured along with an official music video

The single is the second release leading into her forthcoming orchestral-pop album that tackles the good, the bad, the ugly and, most importantly, growth that comes with being “cancelled.” Through her own personal struggles, Gabi is now a strong advocate for raising awareness on mental health issues.

After dealing with a particularly nasty round of harassment and stalking by internet haters last year, Gabi found the words of this new record pouring out from her heart in an effort to heal.  

Gabi DeMartino says, “Although I am proud to live in an age where people are held to great levels of accountability, the need for influential humans to conform to perfectionism held by mass amounts of other humans, who aren’t even perfect themselves, has been destroying peace within our culture and is resulting in a major mental health crisis.”

Gabi DeMartino - Immaculate
Gabi DeMartino – Immaculate

Gabi quickly grew into one of the most popular content creators with her solo channel boasting more than 3 million subscribers and the Niki & Gabi channel garnering over 9.5 million subscribers and over 1 billion views. Gabi is much more than a content creator though, as she is also known as a singer/songwriter, producer, entrepreneur, and actress.

DeMartino specifically chose to release “Not Today” for her entry back into the music world because the song represents her breaking free from what everyone wanted her to be. DeMartino most recently opened for Zedd’s Musikfest performance and is recognized for her starring role in Ariana Grande’s hit music video “Thank U Next.”

Their combined EP, ‘Individual,’ hit number three on Apple charts less than a week after it was released. Their sought-after video “Sleep it Off” had 1.3 million views after four days and Paris Hilton had a featured cameo in Gabi’s solo single from the EP which had 705K views in less than a week.