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IV4 Brings Us a New Hot Debut Mixtape “Get Rich & Cry Trying”

IV4 Brings Us a New Hot Debut Mixtape “Get Rich & Cry Trying”

Today Influencers Staff

Los Angeles rising star IV4 returns with her brand new massive debut mixtape “Get Rich & Cry Trying

A versatile set of songs that explores the trials and triumphs of a young lover and creator, IV4’s latest offering is a shimmering reflection of the artist herself. 

Featured in the new project, the focus track “Can’t Find Love in L.A,” finds IV4 aching for intimacy over glossy pop&B that sounds like a summer soundtrack. In the cinematic video directed by Austin McCraken, she references “Kill Bill” and slays any man who gets in her way.

Her songs pack plenty of attitude with a side of sass, but IV4 feels like “Bloom,” embodies her emotional state. “Bloom speaks to who I am as a new artist, a creative and how I feel about dropping my first project,” IV says. “‘Bloom’ is an ode to ‘ Get Rich & Cry Trying.” 

From intentionally cold-hearted flexes dressed up as sensual R&B to introspective forays into her emotional depth set to bouncing drums and bass. Throughout, there’s the push and pull of independence and infatuation.

IV4 - Get Rich & Cry Trying
IV4 – Get Rich & Cry Trying

Previous tease “Only Fans” breathes and swirls with ambient desire. And lest we forget, there’s “Stroke,” where IV4 plays off of the honeyed vocals of Chicago R&B star Jeremih, emoting over a blown-out beat and intoxicating melody.  

​​Get Rich & Cry Trying iIV4’s latest project since signing to Warner Records. Over the course of 2021, she strategically dropped visionary singles from this new mixtape—each one demonstrating a new side to her sound.

Previously released singles “Work 2 Hard,” and the dreamy R&B explored on “Swimming,” featuring Trippie ReddIV4 was discovered in 2018 after posting her first song, “Because of Me,” produced by Smash David and SkipOnDaBeat, on social media and earning tens of thousands of views. With projects like Get Rich & Cry TryingIV4 proves that she’s set on continuing to evolve, packing every release full of her thoughtful emotions, unmistakable sense of cool, and unforgettable imagery.