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Jucee Froot Goes For a New Massive Single “No Broke D”

Jucee Froot Goes For a New Massive Single “No Broke D”

Jucee Froot

Jucee Froot is back with a brand new Single “No Broke D” featured along with an official music video

The new single “No Broke Dick” follows Jucee Froot’s P-Valley opening credits song “Down In The Valley.” Her other recent appearances on the official INSECURE soundtrack with “Eat Itself” and the Madden NFL soundtrack with “Champion” prove Jucee continues to be an artist to watch.  

The official release of the song is the beginning of a series of weekly releases from the Memphis rapper- fans can expect anything from music to merch to freestyles, and everything in between.

The Memphis, TN-based rapper earned every bit of that acclaim and now has a major label deal with Loyal 100 Entertainment/Art@War/Atlantic Records. Tracks like “Life’s A Bitch,” an electric “Psycho” remix featuring Rico Nasty, and “Sidewalk”.

Jucee Froot as a one-of-a-kind new artist with a remarkable true story to share with the world. Jucee is also featured on the major motion picture Birds Of Prey soundtrack with “Danger.”

Jucee shares about BLACK SHHEP Project, I’ve always been considered the black sheep just because I took an unexpected path and was always a little more rebellious growing up,” Jucee stated. “I feel like an outcast because I’m a threat to people that try to look past me.” In the end, Jucee remains an open book and builds an unbreakable connection.