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KAT Returns With a New Hot Single ‘Liar Liar’

KAT Returns With a New Hot Single ‘Liar Liar’

Today Influencers Staff

Blending different elements from a range of genres with dark soulful vocals expressing raw emotion- Kat brings her own style of soulful pop with a rock edge. With music influences that include Bishop Briggs, Sia, Jeff Buckley, Prince as well Tina Turner and Aretha Franklin. 

Kat is a true songwriter, an artist who writes straight from the heart, with tracks based upon her own life experiences- the good and bad. ‘Liar Liar’ is a reminder of self-worth when going through the worst of breakups or tough times, “the best revenge is moving on”. 

It was the voices of old school blues and soul legends like Aretha and Etta James that first made Kat want to sing: “I loved their tone, the raw honesty and emotion of the songs they sang, the story-telling, the baring of their soul through their voices – I knew I wanted to sing with this kind of authenticity and write songs that had a story to tell”.

‘Liar Liar’ is the first single to be released from Kat’s debut EP ‘Warrior Heart’, Kat explained that “My debut EP is a deeply personal one – 4 out of the 5 tracks were written and created at an extremely challenging time in my life. Experiencing heartbreak, loss, disillusionment. Writing these songs was incredibly healing and started a journey of rediscovery of myself – a return to me, if you like, both on a personal level as well as an artist. Many of the songs started from journalling and evolved into the songs they are today.”