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LAS VILLA Unveils a New Fantastic EP “Flow Romántico”

LAS VILLA Unveils a New Fantastic EP “Flow Romántico”

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Las Villa

Colombian twins LAS VILLA returns with their long-awaited brand new album “Flow Romántico

Laura and Lucía’s EP consists of a compilation of their latest releases, and it is now available on all digital platforms. This EP contains different hits like “Fantasia” and “Flow Romántico”

LAS VILLA shares, Poema is a sweeter and more intimate or sensitive song from this EP, unlike Fantasia and Flow Romántico commented the twins.

With this single, Las Villa continues to show us a sensitive and loving facet as they have been doing with their previous songs. This song was born at the end of 2020 when Laura and Lucía were able to return to the studio after the pandemic and days of uncertainty. The single “Poema” was written by Las Villa, Luis Salazar, and Andy Clay.

The video was filmed in Colombia and directed by Diego Ante and Roberto Meza. In the video to this wonderful single, you can see two boys who, through a magical light, are taken to meet the two girls. When the boys arrive at the location where the light guides them to, they meet the two girls and there is a deep love feeling shown.

At the end of the video, you can see both couples dancing in a more intimate setting where butterflies are seen flying around. “The butterflies fly in representation as if they were flying out of the stomach”, added Las Villa.

The EP, Flow Romántico, and the single along with the music video for “Poema” are now available on all digital platforms. Without any doubt, these twins have stolen the hearts of their fans and will continue to do so.