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Like Mike Goes For a Catchy New Single “Lipstick”

Like Mike Goes For a Catchy New Single “Lipstick”

Agam Sam
Like Mike

EDM music global star Like Mike is back with a new hot single “Lipstick” featuring S3nsei Molly & Jodi Couture

Now focusing on his vocals and songwriting, Mike has released a string of powerful singles leading up to his much-anticipated debut album Pain, Love & What Comes After.

Mike was inspired to write ‘Lipstick’ as a POV piece from a modern-day influencer, detailing who this woman could be and what her life might entail through an eclectic dance song.

S3nsi Molly featured on ‘1, 2, 3, 4’ with Famous DexJodi Couture, a tenacious and bubbly dancehall diva from New York, has created her own lane in the music industry with her unique blend of Rap, Pop, and Dancehall.  Her identifiable sound combines the hottest topics of the day with trendy lyrics and the most infectious beats.

With his debut solo album slated for release on October 1st, ‘Lipstick’ sets the stage of what the future looks like for Like Mike.