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Meri Reaches Out on Heartfelt New Song “Don’t Tell Me to Wait”

Meri Reaches Out on Heartfelt New Song “Don’t Tell Me to Wait”

Today Influencers Staff

Arriving with a brand new pop single, the new release “Don’t Tell Me to Wait” from Meri shows viable strength and a pinpoint focus on soulful music, in the new single Meri features a guitar picking, as well as a soulful voice just like the old days when people shared their experiences and feelings.

Known for crafting magical and serene atmospheres with her latest releases, Meri brings amazing vocals in every new release.

In a new exclusive interview with Out Now Magazine, Meri has shared her favorite moment from her career, “My heart will always hold the memory of those first moments and that first song you ever released due to the expectations and curiosity to know if it would connect with people, so that tension and feeling will stay with me forever.”

With 2021 seeing her focus on recording new music, this year Meri has some new exciting releases for her fans in 2022.

Meri - Don't Tell Me to Wait

Over her music career, she has released some non-stop hits including “Take Me Away”, “Change”, “Tonight” and many more!

About her new single Meri shares, “I’ve written all kinds of songs over these years. Some that you write for fun, others that you have an idea and can lay out immediately, and still others that you must be emotional about. This is one of those.I hope to reach out to those who throughout these 2 years have felt frustrated,confused,and just wanted to go outside and Shout for freedom. To free ourselves, let go our thoughts and what we struggle the most and let life be as the way it is. So simple, why complicate things?”

The new single “Don’t tell me to wait” brings us a folk percussion with the harmony that perfectly complements the folk influences. Now Meri is working on other 2 releases that will be out soon.

As Meri gears up to release lots of new music in 2022, Meri continues to demonstrate her vocal abilities with new releases like “Don’t tell me to wait” and “Senza fretta

With a strong fanbase, Meri is marking herself as one of the next artists to watch for 2022.