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Mia Shanti Returns With a New Single “EYES” With Ryan O’Regan and Lucius

Mia Shanti Returns With a New Single “EYES” With Ryan O’Regan and Lucius

Today Influencers Staff
Mia Shanti

Rising star Mia Shanti is back with a brand new single “EYES” with Ryan O’Regan and Lucius

Mia Shanti makes a sensational debut on ‘EYES’, an ambient dance track that pulls from a wealth of inspirations including ambient Electronica, celestial Pop and Tech House

Produced in collaboration with producers Ryan O’Regan and Lucius, ‘EYES’ brings euphoric drops in slow-burning waves with Mia’s other-worldly vocals bringing a smooth texture to the beat-heavy track.

Talking about the feeling of the new track being released, Mia Shanti shares: “ I will continue to belt over electronica and let my imagination run wild, and I hope the listeners love it, or at least bop their heads to the naughty beats… either way in my eyes I’ve made it, I have been waiting for this moment for 23 years.”

Mia Shanti has always been surrounded by the arts and found her footing in music while in school. She spent her university years honing her craft through collaboration with other musicians and soon began singing for friends at flat parties, writing lyrics on her phone when ideas sprung to mind. 

Mia has now put her captivating vocals to good use, singing on her father’s (producer Lucius) tracks including ‘Sundance’. With some stunning collaborations already under her belt, the future is certainly looking bright for this up and coming songstress.