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Varsha Thapa Kicks Off With a Impressive New Single “Damaged Planet”

Varsha Thapa Kicks Off With a Impressive New Single “Damaged Planet”

Today Influencers Staff
Varsha Thapa

An individual reflecting on their feelings for someone they may have loved however coming to terms with the fact that they were wrong for them because loving that person meant hurting themselves further. Therefore allowing the heart to guide them back to “Self”.

Self is seen as home that needs love, care and nourishment. A home, they usually came back to otherwise, to find their strength and their understanding of love is now lacking of those elements because a lot of it has been poured onto the outside world.

Having faced a lot of bullying in boarding school, she began writing to cope with the feelings of disapproval and loneliness which quickly turned into a book of dark yet self motivating poetry. As her interest in writing grew, adding melodies and turning words into melodic songs happened as naturally as joining the school choir, all of which gave her a sense of purpose.

“ Growing up in Kathmandu Nepal and spending almost all my adult life in New York, I wanted to create music that amalgamates influences from both worlds so I created Damaged Planet which lyrically reflects my inner state as well as combines the sounds of both east and west, which has always been a conscious decision throughout my creative process. ”

Years later now in New York, inspired by musical influences from all around the world, writing and creating music became a way of expression. She lives for her art and her purpose to allow her inner self and people around her to feel seen through her music and storytelling. Varsha released her first single “Maaya” (which has gained more than a million streams) along with EP “Adhuro” in 2020, while former talks about the importance of Self love latter touches upon the various forms of relationships in ones lives and it’s impact on them.